Welcome to the home of the world's first luxury shag beach towel, the ShaggelTM.


Beach towel not quite big enough? Not quite soft enough? Ever wish you could bring your favorite blanket to the beach? Now you can. The ShaggelTM Beach Towel is designed for all the beachgoers and sun seekers who have been missing a key ingredient all these years – the perfect beach towel. The ShaggelTM is a large, revolutionary 100% cotton beach towel that brings every advantage of “shag” to the water’s edge. With a fluffy shag texture on one side and absorbent towel on the other, the ShaggelTM provides the best of both worlds. Comfortable and cool. Shag plus towel. The name describes it best – Shaggel. Welcome to the good life.


Sit back, relax, and enjoy your stay at the ShaggelTM wonderland. You are about to enter into a new dimension of comfort.


The ShaggelTM Beach Towel -


Introducing the ShaggelTM Beach Towel. The ShaggelTM is

lightweight, transportable, and colorful. It has a fluffy shag

side and an absorbent terry cloth side. A ShaggelTM, size

34" x 64", is 100% cotton and machine washable. The

ShaggelTM will brighten up and enhance your beach lifestyle




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